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July 1st to 9th 2023
Cost per person sharing $2250 
Supplement for single occupancy $200
Deposits of $250 secures your place 

Introducting: our Celtic Druidess
Dr Rachel Scoazec Lenihan

Rachel Scoazec Lenihan is our amazing Druidess and owner of Kilderry A.N.T Educational center in Milltown, Co Kerry.

Her backround is very impressive:

 Dr Rachel Scoazec Lenihan, holds a Phd in Irish studies, former lecturer in Intercultural studies, in DIT Hospitality Management and Tourism, in NUIG, in Saor Ollscoil ns hEireann, former consultant in Education with European Foundation along EU Commissioners ( the executive of European Union,) also Consultant with dept of Education and Science, with Modern Educational Centre, and with the European Centre for International Studies in dublin. she s is a qualified registered teacher of several subjects, English Irish History Geography Music and SPHE social personal health educationalist. She is a musician singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, playing and teaching 14 instruments. She s been a death midwife for the last 28 years, also a 28 year experience in energy, spiritual and sound healing, medium, reiki master, celtic shaman in several traditions, Irish Breton, Welsh and Scottish, and naturopath.

She teaches through Arts, Nature and Traditions. Her teachings and Ethos focuses on the wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and activation of people's best potential. The center's core values are respect, integrity, inclusivity, equality, creativity, spiritual historical philosophical and moral self-knowledge, fostering self-confidence, independence of thoughts and actions! She teaches a wide range of subjects to all ages, but with regards to this tour she will teach the healing aspects of Music, Nature, and Traditions.

Music: Drumming, Crystal bowls, metal bowls, magical chanting and music of the Sidhe. 

Nature: Listening to Nature, opening portals of sound through sacred sounds, healing with the sound. Herbs and their uses, what can be used from land and trees around us. How to read the land and main functions, ley lines, geodesy, time and space clearing.

Traditions: Learning about Celtic power animals, using mythology and direct encounter also through Celtic shamanic journeys. 

We will learn about Ogham and sacred tree knowledge. We will learn the knowledge and wisdom of the four seasons Druidic rituals and the 8 points wheel of the year. We will also study the three main cauldrons of knowledge and how to invoke the Awen/Imbas or nature divine magical inspiration. This and so much more!

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Introducing: Your Ambassador
Jessica Jensen

Jessica May Jensen is the owner and creator of 'Pathfinder Portal', a holistic, healing community. She believes that mind, body, spirit alignment is integral to the human experience. Play, storytelling and creative expression were crucial to her own healing and finding wellness after transformational life experiences.


Jessica believes there is a soul-level remembering of who you are when you interact with mother nature and embrace your creativity through artistic expression and play. This might include dance and movement, writing, painting, singing, drawing, playing music, hiking, gardening, baking cookies, or making sand castles. It is her intention to hold space for people of all ages and abilities to safely access their inner self and learn to heal and grow with child-like joy through exploration.

Jessica has Bachelor's degree in Drama, in Dance and has completed 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training and Personal Training and Fitness Instruction certifications. She is a certified Life Coach with a focus on Therapeutic Arts including Dance and Movement, Life Purpose and Transformation.

She helps others unlock their 'joie de vivre', their passion, life purpose, and assists with reconnecting to your soul self, so that you can fully embrace a life you love. When she's not teaching, you can catch her filmmaking and clowning around on the flying trapeze! 

Jessica is also a Master Usui Reiki practitioner and intuitive who is tapped into her clair senses and abilities. She uses Tarot as a tool to check in with your energy and bring through any messages from your guides and spirit team. (Please let us know if you'd like a personal energy clearing session or to sit down for a reading during the tour.) 



  • Therapeutic Art and Healing Session

  • Somatic Dance and Intuitive Movement

  • Yoga and Meditation for all levels

Participants can learn more about these on my website:



Available on request during our tour. 

What you can expect on this tour: 

  *   based on 20 max people.

  *   9 Day, 8 Night trip

  *   5 morning workshops conducted by our Druidess.

  *    Evening healing sessions with our Ambassador.

  *   2 evening walking trails on ancient sites near the center

  *   2 days of exploring the Ring of Kerry and Ring of Beara

  *   Some music at night 1 or 2 nights (TBC)

What you will get for your buck

All of the above and the following:

  *   Airport transfers

  *   8 Breakfasts

  *   8 nights accommodation in nearby B&B's

  *   5 Healing workshops from Druidess

  *   2 Healing sessions/workshops from Ambassador 

  *   2 Days and 3 half days touring Co Kerry and Cork

  *   Motor coach

  *   Expert Driver

  *   Expert S.I.T tour guide 

  *   5 Lunches

  *   Entry fee's into venues on Itinerary

  *   All taxes and Charges

  *   Musical entertainment

  *   Free e book


What will not be included:

  *  Flights

  *  Evening Meals

  *  Travel Insurance

  *  Tips for Driver/Guide

  *  Entry fees into venues not on itinerary 

Get your name on the list for information as it comes available about this tour, Remember we are only taking 24 max.

Click the link to get your name on the list: first 20 gets to go:


Click Here for Itinerary and Price

Click Here to sign up for this tour.
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