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Magick Bealtane in Ireland
Patti Negri
May 8th to 16th 

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About this Trip and our Ambassador:

We had a very successful trip with Patti Negri as our ambassador on the Game of Thrones tour which happened May 2022. So we decided to create another tour for May of 2025. 

Patti Negri is a good witch from Hollywood and you will see in the itinerary that we will have workshops and spirit circles conducted by Patti. We are going to have four workshops: 

Here is information about the workshops and Patti's words.


Old World Magick for the Modern World! 

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life you Love!

Living a joyful, productive and conscious life 24 hours a day! 

In this lively presentation based on my Internationally best-selling book, I will talk about fun and easy ways to add magic to every moment of your life.  Simple, fun and free techniques you can add to every aspect of your day to create and manifest the life you want!  Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deities.   

Practical Magick

Spell Crafting & Basic Elemental Magick 

I believe that magic is all around us.  I do not believe that you have to be a witch or a psychic to do spell work and create real change in your life.  In this presentation I will give you easy, proven techniques that anyone can do to bring positive change to their life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to your morning shower – you can bring powerful magick into every aspect of your day.  

In this presentation, I will go over the basics of spell casting, give you the tools and information to create your own spells, I will show you how the real power that makes a spell work dwells within you and the energy around you. This in no way clashes with spiritual or religious beliefs because my elemental spell work and magick works with nature’s own energy and acknowledges a supreme force of goodness and light.  

Séance (Or call it spirit circle if you prefer)

Join Patti in a safe and sweet seance to connect with your loved ones on the other side. As we journey through the veil together, everyone will have a chance to invite in and communicate with their deceased loved ones. It's a full experience of insight, magic and communicating with the other side. If you have seen me do seances on Ghost Adventures or other TV shows and are worried about dark spirits – I promise, this will be nothing like that.  Good and light spirits will be the only one permitted!  

Patti has been communicating with spirits since she could talk. She did her first séance when she was just seven or eight years old.  She sat cross legged on the floor and I started asking the spirits to enter the room.  She created her first chant – and low and behold – the room filled with orbs of bright light.  They started in the corner and quickly began filling the room.  It was amazing.  Her journey had begun.  Since then, she has studied religion, metaphysics, science, occult sciences and cosmologies and belief systems of all kinds and combined the truths within to create surefire and safe techniques to raise the veil between the worlds.

Daily Magick Moment on bus

Entertaining but very informative and educational and fun fun fun. Patti will  bring some cording and show people how to make a witches latter spell working and do little spells on the bus. It will be positive and powerful.

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Great news! We have partnered with two travel insurance companies to make your trip planning easier. You can find the links to these companies in the icons below. Additionally, if you plan to arrive or leave Ireland before or after the tour, we have also provided a link to an accommodation booking company. Happy travels


Travelex Insurance


Trawick International 


Encounter Ireland

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