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We are a small tour group, taking a min of 8 and a max of 12 people per tour. We believe that by doing so, we can make the whole experience special in so  many ways. We can be flexable to a point. You get to know our host families,  some of the locals, and get to know each other. You can take our time to soak  it all up.

   We hope that you will come away happier from your experience in Ireland, having made friends along the way. We want to help you make some of your best memories, that will stay with you a lifetime. We also offer tours for 20 to 24 people, and we customize tours for private groups too!

   So, I just have one thing to say to you. This is an old Irish Proverb:


"You'll never plough a field by turning it over in you mind"

 Please go to Tours for 2020 to see range of tours and cost of each.











What your payment covers.


     1         Airport transfers.         

     2.          Accomadation in B&B's/Guesthouse or Manor, depending on tour.

     3.          All travel in luxury coach

     4.          Admission into venues/sites.

     5.          Depending on tour taken, boat trips, workshops, Herb tours prices are included.

     6.          Entertainment (Local musicians booked) + (local authors, poets, storytellers, singers, and maybe even a real druid)

     7.          BBQ on Island (weather permitting) N West tour. 

     8.         Local experts to give talks on different tours.


Choices that you can make which would be at your own cost:


    1            Boat tour of Lough Key, Zipline, Games room, boat hire. 

    2            Seaweed bath at Strandhill                                                  

    3            Donation to Donkey Santuary 

    4            Any CD's, books, or other items for sale by our entertainers.

    5            Mid day snacks or lunch.

    6            Alcoholic beverages.


If you would like to do any of these extra activaties, please let us know if you would like us to book them for you. 


            Do's and Don'ts 

     1   Please take only one suitcase to insure space on coach. You may carry a backpack with you on the coach.
     2   Please check weather before leaving and take coat/jacket as  approprate, or layers of lighter jackets, and long sleeved plus short               sleeved  tops that you can layer.
     3   Bring a good pair of waterproof walking shoes.  
     4   Please check that you have an up to date  passport. Your passport must be valid 6 months after your return date.
    5    Bring a European  adaptor  for your electrial items.   
    6    Please ensure that you have calculated for all extras if you want to partake in such, remembering that they are in Euros.
    7    Please make your tour guide aware if you have any food allergies, such as a nut allergy.
    8    Please ensure that if you take medication, that you have enough to cover the time you are on tour.
    9     You cannot smoke on the coach, or in public venues in Ireland, it's the law. 
  10    Please let your tour guide know if you want to exchange your Dollars for Euros at the airport.

  11    Fleece top or 1 warmer sweater, One pair of Jeans and a lighter weight pants, pajamas, socks and underwear.

  12    Windproofwaterproof jacket, a hat for cooler days. lightweight umbrella, sunglasses and sun block.

  13    You might want to bring your own hairdryer, most b&b's have them but not in the bathroom. Check in the dressing table or bedside  table         


Irish Dress code

The Irish tend to dess very sasually so you don't need to worry about dressing up to eat out.



There are places that your laundry can be done for you, just let the tour guide know. Laundry usually must be left and be picked up when done. This is at your own cost.



Irish weather

Ireland has a mix of sun, wind, rain, on any given day, The best times to take a trip in Ireland is usually between May to Oct. There is low humidity

and few bugs that bite. Daylight during the summer months of July and Aug can stretch until after 10pm at night. Temperatures ttend to be anywhere

between 60 to 70s. Irish temperatures are in Celsius. 


Money recommendations

We would recommend that you use ATM's credit cards, and avoid travelers checks. Banks have different opening and closing times depending where

you are, and some do not cash travelers checks. We suggest that you let your bank know about your trip, so that they do not stop payment to you if you

need it while you are abroad.

Please ask your bank about using your debit card. Most businesses in Ireland use chip and pin. You should also ask your bank about foreign

transaction charges. 

Visa and mastercard are usually accepted but your bank might charge you ad transaction fee.

You should consider taking about €100 in cash with you. You can then take out money from ATM's anywhere in Ireland as you need it.

Almost everywhere you shop, you will be asked to enter your pin no, in this case, just tell the assistant that it is a swipe card only.



It is not common practice to tip in Ireland, for instance, you do not tip the bartender, but you could offer to buy him a drink. Most servers in Restaurants do

appreciate a tip. Bus drivers do not expect to be tipped. Tipping your tour guide is optional. Guides that talk to you at different historical sites do not expect tips. 


Arriving and leaving Ireland.

If you are flying from the USA or Canada, take an overnight flight that will be leaving the evening before, and getting into Dublin on

the morning of the start date of your tour, or you could come in a day or two early if you wish, and meet the tour at the airport. We will be at Terminal 2, waiting for you guests, you can join us there. If you are coming from outside the USA or Canada, please be at the arrivals hall at  Terminal 2 at 8am on the monday morning.


Returning home to USA or Canada

We will bring you back to Dublin Airport the afternoon of the last day of your tour. 

Please book your departure flight  to leave in the afternoon of your last day , and you will arrive home on the same day. You should be at the airport about 3 hours before your flight time. You will be going to Terminal 2 where US citizens are allowed to clear U.S. Immigration and Customs there. So when you arrive in the States, it is regarded as a domestic flight.

Jet Lag

You will, if you wish, be able to nap on the coach while we make our way to the North West of Ireland. We do not have a late night for 

the first night.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you purchase a travel insurance protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. For your convenience, we offer Travel Insurance  through Travelex Insurance Services. For more information on available plans on or to enroll, contact Travel Insurance Services at 800-228-9792and reference location no 17-0074. Please click link below to apply 

Travelex Insurance Services, INc CA agency Licence#oD10209. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22275 55Y






Please do not book your flights until you get confirmation from us that the tour is full. Once we have the required deposits in for each tour we then contact group members to advise them about flights.

Information you might want to know.

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