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Mystical Haunted tour of Ireland with Victor Paruta May 2019 video and written testimonials below.

Three years ago I was told by a medium that I would be going to Ireland.That my ancestors were calling me home and that my Irish grannies would make it happen. Fast forward three years and out of the blue I heard of Mai Hernon and Secret Ireland Tours .  Immediately  my soul leaped and I knew that this was the woman and the tour my Irish grannies wished me to take. And my life has been blessed and transformed by the magic and love of Mai which she puts into her tours! These days have been planned so well! Each day is magic, with each day better and better! Mai is the heart and Soul of Ireland! She brings you into the spirit of the country! Mai creates a family atmosphere of such joy and fun. I'll be back to take more tours with Mai and Secret Ireland Tours ! Mary Jane Brigger.

This trip has been wonderful. there is no doubt that Ireland is beautiful, but Mai makes it come alive. Her enthusiasm, love, and pride for her land is contagious. the sights we saw were just breath taking and all the accommodations made us feel at home-away from home.I felt taken care of at all times. I would never have taken a trip like this - a bit out of my home-body comfort zone, but when I met Mai I knew I had to take this trip. No regrets! Annie Hodapp

Mai managed to bring together the soul of Ireland and it's breath taking beauty with the city and it bussel. The songs, the stories and Mai have provided me with the best vacation of my life! Organization like none other! I will be booking with you again. Much love and may God bless you!

Susan Bolser

Mai this trip has been absolutely wonderful. Ireland is such a beautiful country and I have been looking forward to this tour for months. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us . You thought of every detail and it showed. I look forward to my next tour with Secret Ireland Tours! Lequita Pierce.

this tour of Ireland greatly exceeded the expectations of everyone who came. Ireland is an incredibly beautiful and magical country. The itinerary was perfect. I am so honored to have co-hosted this fun exciting tour of the haunted and spiritual castles and houses and the spectacular natural wonders - Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League and so many magical places. I am looking forward to many more! the people are so gracious and Mai made us feel like part of her family. thank you a thousand times.

Victor Paruta.

Thank you for a wonderful tour. Exceeded more than I thought. Mai Made the tour so delightful and pleasurable. It was a pleasure to get to know her. Hopefully we will see more of Ireland together. Gary Alpers.

Mai is an absolute gem of a human being! I am so happy I was able to make it here to meet her ( and all of these lovely people) and see her glorious country!

Thank you for accommodating me at the last minute when I re-booked. Mai's Kindness will not ever be forgotten. Much love to your and yours Mai to day and always. Slainte! Stefani Livermore.

You are the best. Your energy, cheerfulness, kindness is off the chain! YOu are truly one of a kind! Thank you for putting up with us and treating us like royalty! This has been a fabulous trip! You made it so special, come see us and we will return the hospitality! Kim Evans

Thank you for a lovely trip. You have made this a wonderfully personal experience for each of us. You clearly have put much thought and effort into the tour. However, what sets this apart is how much of your self you put in and how much you love this beautiful country. I look forward to coming back, and greatful for this experience and the new friends and wonderful people I  have met. Thank you. Sarah Okrzynsky.

Morgan forgot to leave a written testimony but here she is telling you all about her experiences with Secret Ireland Tours on our Mystical Haunted tour of Ireland!

More written testimonals below!

Mai, You are fabulous! Best tour guide I could have ever imagine. You made everyone feel important and at home. I truly feel like a part of your family and can't wait to spend time with you again soon. I truly enjoyed your stories and  all the music you shared with us. Y0ur family was wonderful also. You put so much into this tour and it shows. I appreciate all you have done for us to truly get the most of our trip. Yours sone was great to get to know, very friendly. He also welcomed us all like family. the Cawleys Hotel was fantastic and I of course love Theresa. Finally Kieth was the best driver and I hope he will be with you on all of your tours, great man. thank you ai for this wonderful trip I will cherish for all my life. I will never forget it and I will be back for more! Crystal Turner.

I had the most wonderful time. You and the entire group were the absolute best! Y0u made my first trip to Ireland unforgettable. Y0u are the most loving and wonderful person I've every met. I truly can't find the words to say how wonderful you and your tour have been. See you on the next tour! Shannon Cox.

Our Wonder Woman Mai---

Simply...You are a one woman "Army". thank you for working so hare to make our experience in your beloved country extrodinary. You were 100% successful. We love you. Truly you are an amazing person and now our friend. Love from you Irish Daughter. Donna Evans

I can't thank you enough fo ryour hospitality and kindness. Sharing your country with us has been the best. Your knowledge of the "out of the way" places brought us to the best spots in Ireland. Ireland is a magical place and I'll never forget this trip. Janet Crawford Hicks

Mai I cannot thank  you enough for this amazing tour. From day one your hospitality and flexibility has been wonderful. Your willingness to accommodate Janet and me was terrific. To see this beautiful country through your special eyes was beyond any expectation. Ireland is amazing and more than I could have ever imagined. Your time and attention to everyone is above and beyond. Thank you for sharing your wonderful country with us. You are amazing!  Kerri Fritsch.

I have enjoyed myself more than you can know. It has been awesome! We will be back. thanks so much for all your care and help with Linda's injury and Seamus was absolutely the best. Theresa Ray

Thank you so much for putting together this tour. My sisters and I have reconnected and deepened our love for one another and it was so special to share this journey together. Love Patty Ray.

My sisters and I had a lovely time together. Thank you and your wonderful son for taking such good care of me after my fall. Linda Jung

After several attempts to join you in Ireland, it finally worked out. Thank you for a wonderful time. Bill McMillian.

I had tried to visit 3 times before...I am so glad my first time here was with you! YOur love of Ireland shines through everything you do. Thank you for sharing our lovely family with us as well! You are a lively, gracious, beautiful lady- a true Irish lass and a wonderful ambassador for your country. thank you for your kindness and your friendship. I hope we journey with your again soon. Mike and Marti Brouphy.

Mai Bright blessings always, Ellen Parker

Mai thanks for making my first trip to Ireland wonderful! Wanda Jeffers

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