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Meet my Tribe:
Mai Hernon McEvilley, Owner/Director. Séamus Hernon, Musical Director. , Dr Rachel Scoazec, Druid and Tour Guide. Adrian O'Neill, Historian, tour guide. Jenny O'Sullivan, paranormal expert/investigator and tour guide.

Mai Hernon McEvilley and her son Séamus Hernon,

Mai is a recording artist who comes from Gurteen, a small village in South Sligo, Ireland. The area is full of traditional singers, musicians, storytellers, and dancers, making it a very cultural place. Mai has released four CDs of traditional songs and has performed in various parts of Europe, Ireland, England, and 27 states in America.


In 2013, Mai moved to Kentucky and started her tour company in 2017. Since then, she has taken many groups to her home country, Ireland, to visit places that other tour companies may not know.


Mai's son, Séamus Hernon, is a musical genius and is regarded as one of the best flute/whistle players in the country. When Mai brings tours to the North West, Séamus and his musical friends entertain the visitors. Séamus resides in a small town in Sligo called Tubbercurry and is also a recording artist.

Meet Adrian O'Neill:

Adrian is originally from Sligo and started working as a tour guide in 2015, after completing his studies in Classics and Archaeology at NUIG.

He initially worked for Auriel Robinson of Seatrails, conducting tours of Sligo town. Later on, he established his own walking tours of the town. Eventually, he founded the Sligo Heritage and History club, which has been operating successfully for seven years now. His hard work for this club earned him a Cathaoirleach's Award.

Adrian is currently working with UK companies such as Hidden History Travel and Andante Travels. He set up his own company, Wild West Ireland Tours, two years ago, which he loves being a part of. He is a fantastic tour guide, and we are delighted to have him on board as part of our Tribe..

Meet Dr. Rachel Scoazec Brennan.

She lives in Miltown, Co. Kerry, and has a wide range of skills and expertise. Rachel is a musician, language teacher, composer, singer, songwriter, Bandrui, and holds a PhD in Irish Studies. She is also a permaculturist and environmentalist.


Rachel runs a successful healing center in Kilderry, Co. Kerry, where she conducts workshops on healing through sound, nature, traditions, music, herbs, and more. She collaborates with European tour companies, particularly those that bring French tours to Ireland, as Rachel is fluent in Breton, French, English, and Irish.


We are honored to have her as one of our tour guides, and we also work with tour groups who want to benefit from her expertise in healing and her center.

Meet Jenny O'Sullivan.

Jenny hails from Drogeda in Co Lough on the Eastern side of Ireland. Founder at Emerald Isle Paranormal Researchers and the very successful Founder at Shadow Whispers in the Night VodCast.

Jenny has conducted investigations with many big names in the paranormal world and has led many tours to venues for investigations.

We are very happy that she has agreed to join our Tribe and lead tours for paranormal enthusiasts who want to experience the haunted Castles, ancient sites and Jails of Ireland.

Séamus in full flight.

Come home with me, and we will travel the Highways and Byways together. We'll dance and sing and have great fun.  

May your blessings outnumber the shamrock that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

Our aim is to please, so if you have an idea for a tour, or there is something you would like to do while on one of our tours that is not included in our itinerary, please feel free to let us know. If we can accommodate you, we will be happy to do so.

We would appreciate any idea's you might have for future tours.

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