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Here you will find testimonials from some of our visitors who came with us on tour. We have written and video 


Frank Shea wrote,

"Great time, something different every day. Looking forward to next time.

Sara Krailler wrote,

The best part of the trip is....I really felt we were experiencing Irish culture. So enjoyed staying in one town and getting to meet so many local people. And the musicians were so welcoming, and so great! Thanks Mai.

Nancy wrote

This has been the most amazing adventure of my life, and its been a long one. (my life, ha ha)

The sites we saw were breathtaking. Mai and Séamus were so knowlegable having been in Ireland their whole lives. The music made it very special, I'm in love with it all!

Thank you so, so much for everything...It was amazing,

Vicki wrote:

What a wonderful trip with Mai! The "Secrets" and sessions made the tour, but the stunning scenery of Sligo, Galway, Donegal, and Clare helped! thanks to Mai's musical connections, I may have met a distant relative today...what fun, only with Mai.

Darleen wrote:

On this, my first trip to Ireland, I've experienced the traditions, the music, the countryside teaming with animals and the hills, mountains and waterfalls of this beautiful unforgettable country.

Teri and Jay wrote:

This was our third trip to Ireland and the first tour. Mai had an amazing line up of "Secrets", sightseeing and music sessions. We feel like we have truly experienced all things authentically Irish. Great trip and wonderful memories.

Teresa Cawley had a chat with us also. She told us about the "Brown bread and Jam festival that is held every year in her hotel in Tubbercurry. This is a storytelling evening. It is very much part of Irish culture and our guests really enjoyed the evening.

Patti wrote:

It was a great trip through a beautiful country. It is breathtaking from the sea to the end of the rainbow. and with many scenes in between,

Ellen wrote

It was the day of the rainbows, then a swirling waterfall, a holy well--and now live music from séamus and friends while hoisting some brews. A lovely finish to a marvelous week. Telling no (secrets), it was one surprise after another. Thank you, Mai, for opening our eyes to beauties new and old, expected and unexpected. We saw only smiles and heard welcoming words from everyone we met. What a joy. Again, thank you, Mai!

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