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Spooky Ireland Tour
Chris Fleming
June 19th to 27th 2025

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Our Ambassador Chris Fleming.

We are thrilled to welcome Chris Fleming.

Who is Chris?

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Chris Fleming, a luminary in the paranormal realm with a captivating journey that began in a haunted childhood home. From early encounters with spirits, Chris's fascination evolved into a pioneering career, marked by the founding of Unknown magazine in the 90s and subsequent roles as a consultant and paranormal TV show host since 1999.

His notable appearances on esteemed programs like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Psychic Kids, Portals to Hell, and the award-winning Shock Doc, The Curse of Lizzy Borden, have solidified Chris's standing in the paranormal community. Recognized for introducing innovative paranormal devices, he co-hosted international TV series such as Dead Famous, and Help! My House is Haunted, and engaged in recent investigations overseas on Discovery Channel, including Spooked Scotland and Spooked Ireland.

Beyond his television ventures, Chris dedicates his full-time efforts to spiritual mediumship and counseling through his private practice, assisting his clients globally. He traverses the United States as a sought-after public speaker, delivering lectures on paranormal subjects and life after death at colleges and universities. His expertise extends to organizing and hosting Paranormal Access Events in and around Illinois, along with hosting his long-running Spirit Talk podcast since 2006.

A fervent traveler, Chris explores the world's most haunted locales, making contact with the spirits, culminating in a successful fan tour of Scotland in 2023. Eager to maintain this momentum, he plans an unforgettable haunted tour of Ireland for Halloween, featuring exclusive locations from his TV series that are inaccessible to others.

In addition to his paranormal pursuits, Chris is an accomplished artist who paints, draws, and creates while caring for his four cherished rescue cats: Noir, Sweden, Noel, and Watson.

Secret Ireland Tours eagerly anticipates hosting Chris and all of you for a spine-chilling journey through Ireland. 


This exclusive tour promises to unveil the mysteries of haunted locations showcased in the renowned series Spooked Ireland/Haunted Ireland and several other historic and supernatural places, ensuring an experience that will linger in your memories forever. Join us for a thrilling exploration with Chris Fleming, where the supernatural and the picturesque landscapes of Ireland converge!


June 19th to 27th 2025

About this tour:

Embark on an extraordinary 10-Day/9-Night journey across the Atlantic to explore the enchanting regions of East, South, and West Ireland. This meticulously crafted tour delves into the rich history of haunted castles like Malahide Castle, Leap Castle, St John's Castle, and Charleville Castle. Encounter the mystique of renowned Caves, home to the Puca, and explore iconic sites such as the Spike Island, Wicklow and much more

Venture into the magical realm with a visit to a Galway fairy farm, featuring a portal to the other world, a Fairy mound, Cairns, and Standing stones. Connect with the esteemed owner, Pat Noone, a remarkable healer.

 Amidst these captivating experiences, relish downtime to luxuriate in the hotel's pool or spa, partake in scenic hikes, explore charming towns, and indulge in shopping.

What sets this tour apart are the exclusive secrets we unveil. Chris Fleming, our esteemed guide, has granted us access to extraordinary locations, including a private one night stay in a haunted Castle for a nightly investigation. 

As a grand finale, our last night in Ireland unfolds at Fitzpatrick's Castle in Killiney Co Dublin. Join us for a group dinner, share your favorite moments, and savor the camaraderie of our final night.

This Spooky Ireland Tour with Chris Fleming promises a one-of-a-kind adventure. Click the  green button above for tour details, check out the  interactive map, contract link, travel insurance information. Don't miss the chance to be part of this unforgettable journey into the supernatural with Secret Ireland Tours and Chris Fleming.

We offer interest free installment plans for anyone who wish to avail of them. You decide how many months you want to pay for your tour. Just let us know by dropping us an email to : and we can set it up for you when you pay your deposit.

We also require you to sign a contract when you pay your deposit. Please click the link below, print out the form and send it back signed to:   

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Great news! We have partnered with two travel agencies and an accommodations company to make your travel experience more convenient. You can find more information about these services by clicking on the links below. We highly recommend getting travel insurance to protect your investment. If you plan to arrive or stay in Ireland before or after your tour, our accommodations manager can assist you with finding a suitable hotel.


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