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Here is what we offer
Irelands, Ancient East and culture rich North West
From $1225
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Sunny South of Ireland from $850


Cork/Kerry Adventure from $1100


Sligo, Galway, Donegal

      From $650

Three  5 star Irish castles tour
From $1550
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Romantic Islands tour 
from $1250 

I you would like an upgrade to 4 or 5 star accommodation or upgraded car please contact us and we will be happy to do so for you. 

Want to create your own tour, let us help with itinerary

For a small fee of $200 we can work with you on your itinerary. We discuss with you what you would like to see and where you would like to go. 

Then we create a special itinerary for you giving you the best choice of routes to take to make the most of your time while in Ireland.

We can discuss this by email, phone or if you are with a 20 mile radius of Cincinnati we can even meet you. We usually spend 1 to 1.5 hours discussing all the different places you might like to consider visiting. 

We also share with you some of our own special places you might like to see and experience.

We can take all the work out of it for you.

For a fee of $400 we can not alone discuss and help you decide your itinerary, but also we can do all the leg work for you. We can book your B&B's or hotels along the way and also we can book online all your tickets for any venue's you would like to visit.  It takes all the work out of it for you, All you have to do is book your flight and away you go. 

We can research different car hire companies, bus/train routes and times, find out the best places to eat along the way. We have our own special places we always like to go, but there might be place you want to visit that we don't know, so we will put the work in finding out all these places for you.

Contact us:
Phone no: 513 400 7304
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