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Courtney and Seaside
Rebels of Ireland


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Introduction to your Ambassador

Secret Ireland Tours are delighted to have Courtney McInvale as our ambassador on this tour. If you are a history buff or into the paranormal or both, then this is the tour for you.

We take great pleasure in introducing Courtney to you here:

Courtney McInvale is the founder of Seaside Shadows based out of Mystic, Connecticut and offering walking tours and boat tours throughout the southern New England region. She is a licensed tour guide, published author and actual descendant of accused witches. Courtney is a Connecticut native and spent 5 years in DC after completing her studies at Catholic University of America and the University College Dublin where she studied abroad, majoring in International Relations.   After earning her degree, she worked for the FBI as an analyst -- having been influenced by her time interning at NCIS for the Cold Case Homicide Unit. Following her internship Courtney spent 2 years in Vermont working for Dept of Homeland Security and honing her investigative skills.

 Courtney also spent many months in Ireland in study and visiting, a place rich with histories and hauntings alike! She avidly studies histories of  early American in wartime -- specially the American Civil War and American Revolution as well, Celtic cultures in Ireland and Scotland, specializing in rebellions. She also has a special interest in Celtic cultures during times of rebellion.

 Courtney has frequently had fascination with the unexplained and supernatural legends. In Courtney's childhood home in central Connecticut, in a town called East Hampton numerous paranormal occurrences happened. The events were so notable that the Warren family came to investigate the house during her teenage years there. Intrigued by her childhood home and raised by a teacher and a history major, she has always taken an interest in the unknown and has now put her sensitivities, investigative skills, love of history, and writing aspirations to work.

 Courtney is also a realist amongst all things. That means you will get an excited, thought-provoking and spooky tour while at the same time being inundated with historical facts to corroborate all the haunting occurrences surrounding all tour regions and within all books  

 Courtney has written two books for Arcadia Publishing and the History Press including Haunted Mystic (2014) and Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut (2016) and three books for Haunted Road Media including Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut (2021). Civil War Ghosts of Georgia Volume 1 (2023) and Civil War Ghosts of Georgia Volume 2 (Jan 2024) in the Bury my Bones series. 

 Courtney has been featured as a historian on Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell and on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. She hosts paranormal investigations and historical site fundraisers annually.  

In her free time Courtney  loves spending time with her husband, Marty, her loving pets, her sisters and wee niece & nephews. She is a sucker for a good period drama or true crime documentary and in free time can be found attending Whiskey Myers and other concerts or nerding out over Outlander and Vikings.

Seaside Shadows Tours

Seaside Shadows is an award-winning tour company originating in Mystic, CT and spreading throughout New England as it comes up across the USA. Their unique brand of haunted history blends legends and folklore in a mix best described as history and mystery giving guests an entertaining and educational experience they wont soon forget. By using master storytelling, Seaside Shadows’ founder Courtney McInvale and her team of guides bring guests on thrilling adventures weaving true stories of dark history, the legends that have come to be and the tales of paranormal that remain today.


We were so excited to launch our Ireland tour, we put it in the spring before we realized ….you’ll want your spooktacular experience as the air gets a chill and the veil between the living and the dead increases. So join us in September 2025 for Courtney and Seaside Shadows Spiritual  Tour – Rebels of Ireland. We can’t wait to spook you soon 

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Uncover the Hidden Gems of Ireland

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Join us on an exclusive journey through the historical wonders and natural beauty of Ireland. Secret Ireland Tours LLC is excited to present our latest tour package that will take you to some of the most intriguing destinations in the Emerald Isle.

A Glimpse into the Tour Itinerary

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Ireland as you explore ancient castles, witness important commemoration sites, and discover hidden treasures known only to locals. Our experienced guides will provide fascinating insights and stories that bring each location to life.

Experience the Magic of Ireland

From the enchanting Leprechaun museum to the moving Commemoration Speech at the G.P.O on Easter Sunday, our tour will take you on a journey through time. Prepare to be astounded by the stunning beauty of the Ring of Kerry, the haunting history of the Famine Workhouse, and the grandeur of Bunratty Castle.

Discover Hidden Mysteries

Stay in a haunted hotel in Cork and hear chilling tales of Ireland's spectral legends. Let the stories of ghosts and folklore capture your imagination as you explore the eerie corridors and secret rooms of this historic establishment.

Unforgettable Landscapes

Marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes that Ireland is renowned for. From the rolling hills of the Battle of the Boyne site to the tranquility of the Hill of Uisneach, each destination will leave you breathless with its natural beauty. Let's not forget the famous Ring of Kerry and all it has to offer!

Dublin Delights

On payment of your deposit to secure your place on this tour please print out and sign our contract and post it back to us at:

Secret Ireland Tours

905 Lincoln rd

Dayton, KY 41074

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