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Ancient Wisdom 
of Irish Druid Healing
Workshops Tour
Mary Jane Brigger
August 8th to 16th

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Introducing: Druidess Rachel Scoazec Brennan

Introducing: Druidess Rachel Scoazec Brennan

Dr Rachel Scoazec Brennan Rachel Scoazec is our amazing Druidess and owner of

Kilderry A.N.T Educational Center in Milltown, Co Kerry.

Her backround is very impressive:

● Holds a Phd in Irish studies, former lecturer in Intercultural studies, in DIT

Hospitality Management and Tourism, in NUIG, in Saor Ollscoil ns hEireann,

● Former Consultant in Education with European Foundation along EU

Commissioners ( the executive of European Union,) also Consultant with dept of

Education and Science, with Modern Educational Centre, and with the European

Centre for International Studies in Dublin.

● Qualified registered teacher of several subjects, English, Irish, History, Geography,

Music and SPHE social personal health educationalist.

● Accomplished musician singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, playing and

teaching 14 instruments.

● Practicing Death Midwife for the last 28 years

● 28 years experience in energy, spiritual and sound healing, medium, reiki master,

celtic shaman in several traditions, Irish Breton, Welsh and Scottish, and


Kilderry A.N.T Educational Center in Milltown, Co Kerry

Rachel teaches through Arts, Nature and Traditions. Her teachings and Ethos focuses

on the wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and activation of people's best potential. The

center's core values are respect, integrity, inclusivity, equality, creativity, spiritual

historical philosophical and moral self-knowledge, fostering self-confidence,

independence of thoughts and actions!

The Healing Traditons of the Druids

Druidess Rachel Scoazec- Brennan teaches a wide range of subjects to all ages, but

with regards to this tour she will teach the healing aspects of Music, Nature, and

Traditions that include:

● Music: Drumming, Crystal bowls, metal bowls, magical chanting and music of

the Sidhe.

● Nature: Listening to Nature, opening portals of sound through sacred sounds,

healing with the sound.

● Herbs and their uses, what can be used from land and trees around us.

● How to read the land and main functions, ley lines, geodesy, time and space


Druid Traditions:

● Learning about Celtic Power Animals, using mythology and direct encounter also

through Celtic shamanic journeys.

● We will learn about Ogham and sacred tree knowledge.

● We will learn the knowledge and wisdom of the four seasons Druidic rituals and

the 8 points wheel of the year.

● We will also study the three main cauldrons of knowledge and how to invoke the

Awen/Imbas or nature divine magical inspiration.

● This and so much more!



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Introducing: Ambassador Mary Jane Brigger
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Mary Jane Brigger is a Sacred Feminine Advocate and Mystic for women who are

experiencing the Rite of Passage called the Wisdom Years. According to ancient

wisdom, the end of menopause is when we BEcome the Wise Woman, a Divine Vessel

of Accumulated Wisdom hard earned through life experiences and crisis.

The Wise Woman Frees Herself Through a Mystical Voyage to ReClaim Her Authentic

Feminine Self,Truth, and Essence of Her Soul.

Progams and Services

Mary Jane’s programs and services are a spiritual blend of Ancient Celtic, Essene, and

Magdalene Mysticism. She has been practicing for over 17years providing women

Mystic Pathways to Awakening, Attuning, and BEcoming the Wisdom of their Sacred

Feminine Energy.

Mary Jane’s Background and Experience Includes:

● Wisdom Teacher/Founder of Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality

● Mystic Wise Woman

● Friend to The Faery and Elementals

● Teacher of the Magdalene Sacred Mysteries

● Master Teacher in Psychic/Mediumship

● Psychic/Medium/Spirit Channeler/Trance Medium

● Reiki Master/Teacher

● Spiritual Healer

● Certified Body Story Expert

● Death Midwife

● Former Hospice Reiki Master Volunteer

● Celtic and Peruvian Shamanic Practitioner

● Sacred Sophia Circles for Women Including Retreats

● Online Courses and Programs

● BA in Healthcare Management, Certifications in Dental Assisting, Management,

Education and Allied Health Administration.

● Former Board Appointee as Vice President and Member of Dental Assisting

National Board in Chicago, Illinois, including board positions in state and local

dental associations.

Guest On National and International Podcasts

Mary Jane is also a Channel for the Collective Voice of the Cosmic Mother and The

Magdalens, and has been featured on national podcasts such as Kevin Moore’s We Are

the Channelers, The Gnostic Network, and numerous national spiritual podcasts.

The Healing Cottage

Mary Jane Brigger is the owner of The Healing Cottage, located in America within the

rural Amish countryside of West Salem, Ohio. Here she provides private and group

Sacred Sophia Circles and Retreats for women to gently attune to the Power of their

Sacred Feminine Energy through a blend of Magdalene/Essene Mysteries and Celtic


Secret Ireland Tours Are Life Changing

Mary Jane traveled with Mai Hernon and Secret Ireland Tours back in May of 2019

which became a life changing and spiritual transformation for her, both personally and

professionally. It is a dream come true to return to Ireland as an Ambassador for Secret

Ireland Tours and Mai Hernon, and especially with Druidess Rachel Scoazec Brennan

at her A.N.T Healing Center in Co Kerry Ireland.

For more information, go to Mary Jane’s Website at: wwww.MaryJaneBrigger.Com

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