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Bram Stoker's

the amazing
Neil Storey
Paranormal investigator
Jenny O'Sullivan
July 15th to 23rd
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Is an award-winning historian and author of over fifty books. A graduate of UEA, he is an internationally recognized authority and lecturer on the dark history of Britain. Known for his ground-breaking research, Neil is a biographer of Bram Stoker, he has a lifelong interest in the author of Dracula and has amassed one of the finest collections of Bram Stoker's first editions, letters, and memorabilia in private hands. Neil frequently appears as a guest expert on UK television and radio shows and international podcasts and is a regular special guest historian on the multi-award-winning Help! My House is Haunted.

Jenny O'Sullivan

Hails from the beautiful town of Drogheda which is in the Ancient East of Ireland. Jenny is the Founder of Emerald Isle Paranormal Researchers and the creator of the very successful Shadow Whispers In The Night Vodcast.  

Jenny has conducted investigations with some of the biggest names in the paranormal world and has led many tours around some of the most haunted locations in Ireland.  

She appeared on "Spooked Ireland" with Chris Fleming and many other programs. 

We are delighted that she has agreed to join Neil on this amazing tour and to head any paranormal investigations that will take place on the tour.

About this tour 


We are excited to offer you a 9-day, 8-night tour to Ireland with the renowned one and only Neil Storey, and paranormal investigator Jenny Sullivan.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit significant locations related to Bram Stoker's life, including where he grew up, worked, and lived. Additionally, you will take part in investigations in some of the most haunted locations in Europe, such as Leap Castle. 


You will also visit a farm that features a fairy fort, standing stone, and fertility stone, as well as ancient sites, beautiful scenery, and estate houses. Throughout the tour, local musicians, historians, and guides will entertain and educate you about Ireland's rich history and culture.


Our paranormal guide will accompany you and ensure your safety while investigating the dark places along the route. 


Please note that when paying your deposit, we require you to sign a contract. To sign the contract, please click the link below and email it back to us. If you prefer to print it out and send it by post, please send it to Secret Ireland Tours. 


Enjoy the tour!

905 Lincoln rd

Dayton, KY


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We are delighted to assist you with your travel requirements, including travel insurance. We have partnered with two highly reputable companies that you can choose from. We strongly recommend that you protect your travel investment.


Trawick International


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