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Druidess: Rachel Scoazec Lenihan
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Healing Center Logo: KIlderry A.N.T 
Ambassador: Mary Jane Brigger
Healing wisdom of a Celtic Druidess:
          June 1st to 9th 2023
           Co Kerry, Ireland


Cost per person sharing:


Supplement of $200 per single traveler. 

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Below you will find the itinerary for this trip. We will have 5 morning healing workshops, 2 afternoon walking trails on sacred lands, 1 evening healing session with Mary Jane Brigger our ambassador, 2 evening music sessions in center. We will also take some time off to visit amazing places in the area. So not alone to you learn how to heal through Arts, Nature, and Tradition, but you will get to see some breath-taking scenery too!

Itinerary is subject to slight change: Workshops may change slightly or not run as stated on itinerary, but on different day.

Day 1

We meet you at Shannon airport and bring you to the nearby

Bunratty Castle and folk park. You will take part in a tour of the castle and learn about its sometimes harsh history, the way people lived and how they survived. You can then explore the folk village and go in and out of all the different houses and see how the "common folk" lived, worked and played too, before we make our way to the wonderful town of Killarney.

We will stay there for the duration of the trip. 


Day 2

Workshop from 10am to 1pm:

Get ready to go to school. A school of a mystical, magical kind where you will learn about healing with Sound. Listening to Nature, opening portals of sounds through sacred sounds, gaining knowledge to crystal bowls, metal bowls, tuning forks and magical chanting. 

We break for lunch each day at 1pm until 2pm.

Afternoon: we go on magical ancient trails near the center where

our Druidess will point out ancient sites and tell us of their importance. 

We then return to Killarney where you can go out exploring for the evening or just stay and enjoy the hotel.


Day 3

Workshop from 10am to 1pm

You learn about the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether in relation to the wheel of the year, the 3 realms and the 3 cauldrons.

Break for lunch from 1 to 2pm.
We then take a trip around the beautiful Dingle Peninsula and stop to explore Dingle town. Plenty of photo ops here. 


Day 4

Today we take off for a full days exploration. We take the full day to go around the famous Ring of Kerry. We first visit "the Bog Village" where you will see how people lived long ago. You see a forge, where the locals had their horses shod, you see a shebeen, where the locals would socialize and have a few pints, and see what type of houses people lived in years ago in Ireland.

We then make our way to places like Waterville, Sneem, Torc waterfall, Molls Gap, Ladies View and so much more. 


Day 5

Workshop from 10am to 1pm

Learn about Celtic power animals, using mythology and direct encounter also through Celtic Shamanic journeys.

Break for lunch 1pm to 2pm

Walking trail for 2 to 3 hours, 

We go for evening meal and then return to center for music session with Rachel, Mai, and some local musicians too!


Day 6

Workshop from 10am to 1pm

Today you learn about Ogham and the sacred Tree Knowledge. The main sacred trees, the common trees and bushes, functions and applications in day to day living.

Break for lunch from 1pm to 2pm.

Healing session with our Ambassador Mary Jane Brigger. 

Return to Killarney.


Day 7

We take the day to explore the amazing Ring of Beara, visiting

beautiful coastal towns like Clonakilty, Skeebreen, we will also go to Blarney Castle where you can kiss the blarney stone if you want that special gift of the gab. We might even have time to visit Cork city too!

Day 8

Workshop from 10am to 1pm

Learn the knowledge and wisdom of the four seasons Druidic rituals and 8 points wheel of the year.

learn about land and main functions, key lines, geodesy, time and space clearing. Learn the Lunar Year in relation to magic and working with the Sidhe, and how to invoke the Awen/Imbas or nature divine magical inspirations.

Break for lunch 1 to 2pm

We spend our last evening with our Druidess playing music, singing songs, dancing and having a great time. 

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Day 9

We return you to Shannon airport where we wish you a safe flight

and tell you that we wish to see you again soon in Ireland with Secret Ireland Tours.


What does you cost cover:

1   Airport Transfers to and from Airport

2   Hotel accommodation in Killarney

3   8 Breakfasts

4   5 Lunches

5   5 Workshops

6   2 evening walking trails

7   Two music sessions

8   Entry fees into venues

9   2 half day touring and 2 full days

10  Motor coach

11  Expert Driver

12  Expert Guide

13  Healing sessions with Ambassador

14  Free ebook

15  All taxes and Charges on accommodation

What your costs do not cover:

1  Flights

2  Evening Meals and some lunches

3  Travel Insurance

4  Tips for Guide/Driver

Travel Insurance for your convenience:

We partnered with two travel Insurance companies that you can use if you wish to purchase travel insurance to cover your travel investment: 

The first one is Trawick International:

Please click link below to get a quote:

Our second Travel Insurance Company is 

Travel Insurance Services to

Travelex Insurance Services, INc CA agency Licence#oD10209. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22275 55Y

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