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Meet our Ambassadors

Artist/Medium/TV personality
Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming, a luminary in the paranormal realm with a captivating journey that began in a haunted childhood home. From early encounters with spirits, Chris's fascination evolved into a pioneering career, marked by the founding of Unknown magazine in the 90s and subsequent roles as a consultant and paranormal TV show host since 1999.


His notable appearances on esteemed programs like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Psychic Kids, Portals to Hell, and the award-winning Shock Doc, The Curse of Lizzy Borden, have solidified Chris's standing in the paranormal community. Recognized for introducing innovative paranormal devices, he co-hosted international TV series such as Dead Famous, and Help! My House is Haunted, and engaged in recent investigations overseas on Discovery Channel, including Spooked Scotland and Spooked Ireland.

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