Summer vacation in Ireland, you're worth it!

Summer time in Ireland, what can I say? Well a lot actually. Ireland is really the place you want to be on those long bright evenings, walking the golden sandy beaches off the West and North West coast of Ireland, feeling the ocean breezes of the Atlantic on your face and the smell of the freshly cut meadows.

As you roam the highways and byways of the breath-taking countryside you see the animals in the green fields, the children playing in their front yards, and the sounds of music in many of the towns as summer time is also festival time.

We have a few tours available which we think you might be interested in. Our first is our August Island Hopping Adventure which we have reduced by $200. It is an 8 night /9 day trip for only $2200. August 8th to 16th 2018.

We stay in a coastal town and we take trips into the Islands off the West and North West coast of Ireland. We also visit towns, Cities and places of interest on the mainland too of course. We visit Inis Mór, the biggest of the Aran Islands off the Galway Coast, Inisbofin off the Galway/Mayo coast, and Coney Island off the Sligo coast. We visit Galway city, Sligo town, Westport, and many more places. We have music nightly and we have a secret or two on the trip. It is well worth $2200. Book this soon if you are interested, it will book up fast because remember we only take 12 max.

The next trip we want to tell you about is our Cork/Kerry Experience. This is a very popular vacation spot in Ireland . This trip is from Sept 1st to 9th and the cost is only $2380 per person.

We visit places like Dingle, Tralee, Killarney, and we go for a trip around the Ring of Kerry, which is breath-takingly beautiful.

We visit Cork city and this little Church here in the photo which is St Finbar's Church in a little place called Gougane Barra, which is very near the Beara Peninsula.

There is the Ring of Beara which is also stunning. These are both great vacations and remember we are musical guides so you won't be wanting for some entertainment. We also include Secrets in all our advertised tours. You will see, do, or learn something that you might not see, do or learn at home.

Our trips are designed so that you will see and experience the real Ireland with the locals and you will also have time to just relax and re-charge those batteries. You will return with great photo's, great memories, and hopefully you will have made many friends on your journey.

So check out our website which is

Contact us today to book your trip. Don't Delay, Book Today.

Mai Hernon

Secret Ireland Tours

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We have organized music in the  local pubs for our tour groups. These sessions are very welcoming to anyone who would like to sing a song, or dance, or indeed, join with an instrument. 

You will hear, for free, some of the finest musicians in the country.  These musicians have travelled the world with their music, but there's nothing like playing in the local pub with their friends.

We will bring you to all the stunning areas only the locals know.

You will see lakes, mountains, sea shores, forests, holy places, and much more. You will meet the locals who might just tell you some stories about where you are.

Relax and take in the fresh air. Go for a walk, take pictures and soak it all up.

On our travels we will see 11th and 12th century ruins of Castles, Abbeys, underground passage tombs, outdoor altars and famine grave sites.

You will go back in time listening to the history of these places. 

We will also be bringing you to restored castles and modern gravesites. "Oh but why are they bringing me to a gravesite" I can hear you say. Just wait and come with us, you will be amazed at what you see.

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