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Wish you were there.

We had a party last night to launch our 2018 tours, were you there? If not, we missed you. We started off the night with three great musicians supplying top class Irish traditional music for us while people arrived. We gave everybody a ticket for door prizes and then while they mingled, we had a projector running scenes of Irish Castles and Abbeys along with stunning scenery.

We had booths at each corner of the room showing photo's and information of different tours and sign up sheets for anybody who wished to take up our offer of $300 off any of five different tours if they secured their place with a small deposit of $100.

We had food also and while people were eating the music was going on in the back round and the scenes of Ireland on the wall.

I spoke about all the different tours and how to navigate the website, how to avail of the great discount, what happens on the tours and how easy it is to afford them.

Christmas in an Irish Castle 2018 was very popular and there is great interest in it, we did get people to sign up for it but we still have places left, and we were thinking that if you would like to take that once in a lifetime trip to Ireland living like a King or Queen in an Irish Castle over the Christmas period in 2018, I will extend the offer for the next week, so if you contact us today or within the next week and secure your trip with $100 deposit then you will get $300 off your tour. Otherwise, deposits must be in by Oct 1st.

We have a great installment plan you can avail of which helps with smaller payments over a 5/6 month period, and if you need more months with lower payments, we can discuss that too.

You can make that dream come true, all you have to do is contact me, either by phone or by email, send us a check 0f $100 within the week to secure your place and look forward to living in a Irish Castle for 2018.

phone no 513 400 7304

Best Wishes


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