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August on the Islands

Can you imagine? Come with us and spend 9 Days, 8 nights exploring some of the magical Islands off the West, and North West coast of Ireland this August.

From August 8th to 16th we will explore some of the most magical Islands, but best of all, we will be staying on the Island that is shown on this video.

We will also be bringing you inland to visit some well-known towns and Cities, like Westport in Co Mayo and Galway City.

We have Slashed the tour price from $2395 down to $1650.......that is a massive slash, but it is only for this year, so take advantage.

May 10th is the last deposit date for this amazing trip, at this amazing price, so don't miss out, and remember we only take 8 to 12 people per trip, so in order to secure your place, book and pay your deposit today. I know you won't regret it.... not even a little. Check out "Island Hopping Tours" page, contact us through the website and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I hope you enjoyed this little video.

Phone no 513 400 7304


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