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Come to Ireland with us for as little as $1450

Secret Ireland Tours are always trying to give our customers the best experience that they can have, at the best prices. We are constantly working with our friends in Ireland to see where we can lower prices. When they do it for us, then we can pass it on to you.

So we have great pleasure in letting you know about our March Madness Price slash. We have trips from as little as $1450.

Also, we have introduced a payment plan this year that might make things easier for people. Here's a heads up on some trips you might like to consider. We are giving a list below of some trip installment deposit dates that are coming up. You will see here the two deposit dates for each trip. The installment and the normal payment deposit.

These five trips below can be booked on or before the deposit dates, but if you want to insure your place, book it sooner rather than later. Also please note that all the prices below are only for this year and they are based on two people sharing (double Occupancy). If you are a single traveller please add $250 supplement to the balance of the trip you want to take. Please contact us through the website for any questions you might have, and yes we can take checks if that is your preferred method of payment.

North West Senior Tour, 1st Aug to 9th

This tour has been slashed from $2380 to $1550. If you would like to avail of the installment plan, your deposit date is April 1st. You pay deposit of $400 and you then pay installments on May 1st and June 1st of $500 with the balance paid on July 1st of $150.

Otherwise you pay the normal deposit on May 2nd which is 90 days before start of trip and then the balance 60 days before start of the trip.

Island Hopping Adventure, Aug 8th to 16th

This tour has been slashed from $2395 to $1650. Installment plan deposit date is April 12th, with installments of $500 paid on the 12th May and June, with a balance of $250 in July.

Normal payment deposit is May 10th and balance 60 days before start of trip.

Cork/Kerry Experience, Sept 1st to 9th

This tour has been slashed from $2380 to $1650. Deposit for installment plan must be paid by May 1st of $400. Installments to be paid on the 1st of June and July of $500. Balance to be paid by Aug 1st of $250. Otherwise, normal deposits to be paid June 3rd and balance paid by July 3rd.

Luxury Sunny South East Sept 12th to 18th

This is our most expensive trip and we have slashed it from $2570 down to $1750. So if you fancy staying is a great Manor House in the Sunny South East and you would like to avail of our installment plan, then you must pay your deposit by May 14th with installments of $500 to be paid by the 14th of June and July, with the balance of $350 to be paid by Aug 14th.

Normal deposit must be paid by June 14th with balance paid by July 14th.

Cavan/ Leitrim Safari Sept 23rd to 28th

This is our cheapest trip which has been slashed down from $1800 to $1450. So in order to avail of the installment payment plan here, you must pay $400 deposit on or before May 25th with installments of $400 for June and July. Balance of $250 to be paid by Aug 25th. Our normal payment plan requires deposit to be paid by June 25th and balance July 25th.

"You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind"

So give yourself a gift today, book and pay your deposit to secure your place.

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