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40 shades of Green

Way back in 1959 Johnny Cash, that great singer/songwriter decided to visit Ireland, and when he got there he was awe-struck at the beauty of the place, and the vast array of shades of Green that he witnessed. It affected him so much that he wrote the song...Forty Shades of Green. That song was recorded by many people down through the year's and of course, made Johnny famous in Ireland.

When I lived in Ireland I was very accustomed to hearing visitors commenting about the rich green landscape, and to be honest I had no idea what they were talking about, as I thought that everyplace was like this, but that was until I moved away from Ireland. Now I understand what they were saying, because every time I go home I can see it clearly. It especially strikes me when I am walking along the beach and I can see the magical blue of the ocean as it comes in to sweep over the golden sands which in turn kiss the rich green fields, and nearly always there are mountains reaching up to the sky for a backdrop. It is breathtaking to say the least.

Luxury Sunny South East trip

The video above might give you an idea of what I am talking about. This is one of the places we visit on our Luxury Sunny South East trip. We stay in a family run Manor House in Wexford and we visit places like Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, Wicklow. We visit this lighthouse while we are exploring the stunning landscape on the peninsula. We get to see where Waterford crystal was made. We visit some of the small coastal towns like Dungarvan, Youghal, Cobh and Kinsale. We take a trip to Kilkenny Castle. We call into Powerscourt House and Gardens and also see the waterfall there. We go to Glendalough and see the stunning scenery there along with some historic sites.

Info for this trip...... Starts May 16th until the 22nd. Deposit must be paid Feb 16th, and balance paid by March 17th. To find out more about this trip check out and look up the Luxury Sunny South East page.

Kerry/Cork Experience

Here is another trip we take. We call it The Kerry/Cork Experience and again this video gives you an idea what to look forward to if you come with us to the South West and South of Ireland.

This is a new one for us. We added it this year and we hope that we get the opportunity to bring you to this special part of the country. It has everything. Great scenery, great little towns and villages, golden sandy beaches, historic sites and great restaurants with top class food. There is no shortage of great music there too. We get to see places like Dingle, Listowel, Ballybunion, and Kilarney, we might even see the "Rose of Tralee" when we stop there. We visit Neoglithic sites, a Irish Famine village and we go see how Jameson whiskey is made.

Info for this trip.....Starts June 15th until 23rd. Deposit must be paid by March 16th and balance paid by April 17. To find out more about this trip, check out

and look up The Kerry/Cork Experience page.

Island Hopping Tour

This is one of my favorite tours. We stay on Achill Island, which is off the West coast of Mayo, and we go out exploring from there every day. We go to Galway where we take a boat out to the Aran Islands. While there you will be taken around the Island. With its rugged landscape and stone walls, its narrow roads that lead you to ancient sites and wonderful scenery. The Aran Islands are Irish speaking, so you will get to hear people speak in their native language. We take a trip to Inisbofin which is also off the coast of Galway, and again it is a special place. We also take you up to Sligo where we visit Coney Island.

Info for this trip.....Starts June 1st until the 9th. Deposit must be paid by March 3rd and balance paid by April 2nd. To find out more about this trip, check out

and look up the Island Hopping Tours Page.

"You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind"

So don't delay, book today to secure your place.

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