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We are adding new tours.

Here we are in September, and the kids are back at school, so if you did not take a vacation this year, you might be feeling a little weary. It is hard when you have responsibilities to get away, but if you promise yourself that next year will be the year, then we at Secret Ireland Tours LLC can help.

Before I tell you how, I want to announce that we have added two more tours to our list for 2017, this time in the South and South West. We are calling them "Kerry/Cork Experience". This part of the country is just spectacular, with its rugged coastline, magical mountains, sleepy valleys, and it has beautiful little towns and villages. It is rich in ancient sites and history. It has an abundance of great shops, restaurants, music venue's, heritage centers, craft shops and so much more.

The B&B's and hotels are a very high standard here as they are in all the other parts of the country. You have pubs in all the small villages that are filled with musicians and visitors alike most night of the week, during the summer months and indeed these sessions run well into the Autumn. It is such a scenic area we decided to make these trips as long at the North West trips, and they are 8 night/9 day trips.

How can we make it easier for you to take a trip to Ireland with us? Well, we introduced a great payment plan, whereby, for most of our tours, you would book and pay your deposit 5 months in advance, pay installments for four months and on the fifth month you would pay your balance. This way you don't have to come up with a big lump sum, you can stretch it out.

Also, if you book and pay your deposit for any of the 2017 tours before Sept the 15th 2016, you get a massive 10% off your tour price. (Land only)Now that is not a bad deal.

We have a variety of great tours on offer for 2017. We have 4 North West trips, 2 of which are for seniors, 2 luxury Sunny South East where you get to stay in a Manor house. The hight of luxury. Island Hopping tours where you get to experience some of the majestic Islands off the west cost of Ireland and their fantastic people. Quaint Towns and Villages tours of the East and the West, seeing how they have kept and treasured their history but yet are bustling modern busy places. Mayo/Achill is an area of Ireland which is on the West coast, and it is another place that has everything, from ancient sites, to modern bustling towns. The scenery is stunning and the people are unique. Cavan/Leitrim is a trip you must take if you want to experience caves and safari's, distilleries, boat rides up the Shannon, and the smallest Church in Europe. If you like to travel alone or indeed with a friend, we have 3 Cities Singles tour for you. We bring you to 3 different cities where you can explore all those cities have to offer, by way of great food, great drink, night life, scenery and friendship.

Remember book and pay your deposit before Sept 15th this year to get 10% off any trip you choose to go on in 2017. Also, with each of our tours, we add secret events, or places that is not on the itinerary, just for your enjoyment. Now who else does that. Check out the website to find out how you could get up to 75% off your 2017 tour.

So come home with me and I will be delighted to introduce you to my friends, family and the great people of Ireland, and while I am doing that, you can be enjoying the great music that myself and my guides will supply for you.

"You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind" check us out and join our mailing list to find out about other offers coming up. Also check out our facebook page, like and share us.

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