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Plan today for next year.

I know, I know, you are saying to yourself, that we have the rest of this year to go yet before we can think about next year, but I am giving you a heads up on some of our great tours that you could think about taking next year.

Our first tour is St Patrick's Week tour to Dublin starting on the 16th March 2017. It is a 7 day tour taking in our Capital city's historic sites, buzzing night life, great shopping malls, and an abundance of great restaurants, not to mention the great St Patrick's Day parade. We also take you out of Dublin to explore places like New Grange in Co Meath and Glendalough in Co Wicklow.

We are delighted to introduce a new payment plan that you can avail of, to make life easier. For this trip, if you pay your deposit by Sept 22nd of 2016, you then pay 3 monthly installments, Oct., Nov., and Jan. Balance to be paid by 15th of Feb. Or you can decide to pay one full payment 90 days before the start date of the trip, and the 3rd option is to pay a deposit 90 days before the start date and then pay balance 60 days before start date.

We are working on adding more tours for next year with more exciting places to see and do, but if you have any ideas and would like to share them with us, we can work on them with you.

I always forget to mention that we are musicians and you will be entertained throughout your trip, we bring you to the pubs where there are great sessions. We also have a secret or two on every trip we take. All secrets are fun and safe, nothing crazy. Just something extra that is not on your itinerary.

So start planning and take this trip with us. If not this one, then check out the other great trips we have on our website, and have a trip of a lifetime.

OH one last thing to consider, check out how you could get up to 75% off the price of your trip. All the info for that is on the website. Also check out our facebook page too.

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