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Half way through Summer.

I can't believe that we are not alone half way through summer, but more than half way through the year. Oh, but I have had such a great year so far. I am so lucky to have a travel business that affords me time and excuses (not that I need one) to go home to Ireland, and I get to enjoy watching the people who come with me discover the magic and mystical place which I still call home, Ireland.

I am also so lucky and blessed to be able to spend time here in America doing what I love doing and that is preforming and teaching at the different Irish Festivals and summer schools. These festivals and schools only happen once a year and most of the time you only get to meet friends during that time. The reuniting of old friends and the making of new friendships is what is most important to me, and that is why I decided to keep the numbers very low when it comes to traveling to Ireland with Secret Ireland Tours LLC.

We have only one tour left where you still have time to pay your deposit and book your place. It promises to be a great trip and it is the last one of the season. I know that people say that they don't like taking a vacation in Nov, but I think you will enjoy this one. It is Quaint Towns and Villages of the West of Ireland, and if you pay your deposit on or before Aug 5th I will give you $150 off your tour cost. (Land only)

We will be taking a luxury coach each day to different area's of the West of Ireland, taking in the stunning scenery, ancient sites and magical mountains and lakes. We will get to meet the local musicians, singers and dancers at night in the local pubs, where we will no doubt hear all the local faery stories and ghost stories too. We will have a chance to meet and talk with the locals and perhaps make life long friendships, because that is what all my tours are about.

We will be flooding the pubs with music and filling our minds with great memories, so don't wait too long before you decide to book with us. Go to our website below and check out upcoming tours and of course the 2017 tours also. See how you can use the new payment plan for the tours for 2017, and remember with some of those 2017 trips, your deposit must be paid in late 2016 if you want to avail of the payment plan.

Check out our website at:

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