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Here's the difference.

You work hard all year and look forward to your vacation. You want that time to relax and rejuvenate, but you also want to visit Ireland. Well here is what makes us different. We bring you to Ireland where you will have a relaxed, flexible, interesting, magical vacation. How do we do this? Here is the difference between Secret Ireland Tours and other travel companies.

We are Irish, born and raised. Because we are also a musical family, we have traveled throughout Ireland and know many people in many of the places around the country.

We don't believe in bringing people to Ireland so that they can see all of it from a bus. Having to be on that bus at 7am every morning because your travel company has booked you into a string of impersonal hotels around the country. Sitting on that bus with maybe 40 or 50 other travelers, going from one ancient site, Castle, Abbey or historical place to another and only getting a chance to get out and take pictures. If you are lucky, you have a guide who can give you some general information about these great sites while you are traveling on that bus, but the chances are that he is not local and does not know the local real history of these places. With us, if we don't know ourselves, we insure that we have local historians to tell you all about the place you are visiting.

With Secret Ireland Tours you won't find anything impersonal. You will be booked into either a family run B&B, a family run Manor House or a family run small Hotel. With most of our tours, once you settle into your accommodation, you stay there for the duration of your visit. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, it enables you to unpack, knowing that you won't have to worry about your baggage again until you are leaving to go home.

Our second reason is: that you relax. You know that you don't have to get up every morning at a ridiculous hour to be ready with your baggage to take the next journey. You can take your time, have a lovely Irish breakfast at your leisure and look forward to a day and night full of fun, music, laughter, friendship making, and lots more.

Third reason: You get to see how Irish families live, and most importantly, you get to know them, and the locals. You have time to sit and speak to people and make life long friends with the people you meet. This is our most important goal.

Forth reason: If, for any reason you decide that you want to take a day and just do your own thing, this is not a problem with our tours, because you don't have to be on that bus to travel to your next accommodation.

There are so many beautiful places with so many ancient sites throughout Ireland that cannot be reached by the big bus tour companies, but we can bring you. We always work with the local historians, storytellers, and talent. We organize music sessions, singing sessions, storytelling, and we invite local writers to come along and give samples of their talent. You are also very welcome to join in. Here is one of our sessions.

You daily trips in our luxury bus will be full of fun, music, singing (you too) and the odd joke. We are flexible, so if something catches your eye while we are traveling, and you want to stop, we can do that.

From once you arrive in Dublin airport, we look after you. You don't have to drive, don't have to worry about car insurance, directions, where to get food, where to book in for the night, where you might get to hear some Irish traditional music or anything else that you might worry about while on vacation. We take care of it all.

Oh and I nearly forgot, we include secret events, places, or fun things to do or see in all our tours, this is something that is unique to Secret Ireland Tours LLC.

So even though you won't get to see all of Ireland in one go with us, you will get to really experience, see and live the dream in whatever part of Ireland you choose to visit with us.

You'll come home having had a relaxed happy vacation, and you will feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to everyday life again, but with very happy memories and new friends.

Please check out our website, check out the offers and and add your name and e-mail address to our mailing list. Also check out our facebook page, and please like and share the page to all your friends. We would appreciate it.


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