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Quaint Towns and Villages Ireland

Recently I was giving a talk on Ireland and its history and I was asked a question afterwards by a man who told me that he had traveled around the world and he found Irish people to be distinctly different than anywhere else in the world regarding how friendly they were. I asked him if he was asking me… for the good or the bad, meaning….. did he think we WERE friendly or not very unfriendly. Of Course I mean that I have never met more friendly people than the Irish anywhere around the world and I am wondering if there is a reason for it, he said. I had to think about his question and I don’t know for sure what the answer is or indeed if we are the friendliest people in the world but I do know that we are a very friendly, lively, fun-filled, accommodating race of people who love music, song, dance, storytelling the arts, good food, and this can be seen throughout Ireland.

We have throughout Ireland, Quaint Towns and Villages, some of which go back to 550 AD, but are living, bustling, vibrant towns today, full of the joys of life.

Secret Ireland tours LLC will bring you off the beaten track where you can immerse yourself in Irelands beauty and history of the these Quaint Towns and Villages.

Our first tour is April 19th to the 26th and we explore the Quaint Towns and Villages of the East of Ireland.

We will of course visit Dublin and see and experience all it has to offer, from it pubs and great restaurants to its Museums, Art Galleries, Castles, its historic sites and venues and of course The Guinness factory. We will visit little towns around Dublin like Dalkey. This little town is a medieval town and it has a castle that includes a 14th century fortified town house. It also has a 10th century Church and Graveyard.

We visit Kells Co Meath, where St Colmcille established his religious settlement in 550. This site is considered by many as being the most important monastic site in Ireland, but yet is unique in the fact that this town has been a living town for thousands of years and still is, to this day, a bustling vibrant town.

We visit places like Glendalough where we will see St Kevin’s round tower, and we will also be visiting Powerscourt House and Garden’s which is a must. The waterfall on the grounds is something for everyone to see.

We will be taking a trip up to Northern Ireland. We will visit Belfast going through seaside towns like Bettystown and Carlingford on the way to Belfast. While in Belfast we can take a bustour and also go on the Titanic Walking Tour.

We will take a day where we visit Kilkenny, dropping into the Castle and that beautiful town.

We will visit the pubs at night were we will be entertained by great musicians.

So come with Secret Ireland Tours LLC and experience for yourself Ireland’s friendly people and have a trip of a lifetime. Deposits for this trip must be paid by the 6th of Feb. So book now to secure your place.

If you can’t make our East trip, why not try to aim for the second Quaint Towns and Villages trip which is in the West of Ireland and that will be in November from the 3rd to 9th. This is also a great trip.

Check out our website and have a look at the itinerary for this trip and others, pick your trip and pay your deposit, then look forward to having a great trip and making life long memories.

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