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Seeing Ireland in Person

You can look at all the photo's and video's of places all around the world, but there's nothing like seeing it in person.

Ireland is one of those places. When you see the sights in person, you will understand why so many celebrities decide to come here to live, or vacation here. Some even come here to get married, like one Celebrity that comes to mind is Courteney Cox.

Ireland is one of those places that does not have extremes in weather, but for a lot of Americans, Canadians, Australians and other English speaking countries it is the ideal location for a vacation, because first of all, you don't have the language barrier to deal with. We have hightly skilled, top quality restaurants and even though Celtic history seeps through the landscape and culture, we also have cities that has that "buzz".

This country has the premium stunning landscape and its coastline is like scenes you would find in a fairytale.

When you speak about Gems, this emerald Isle is indeed one of the best gems you will find.

With Secret Ireland Tours LLC we bring you off the beating track and show you something different that you won't get with most tour groups, we show you the Ireland we know, as locals. The Real Ireland. Of course we will show you some of the world renowned places, but there is so much more to Ireland, and we, as locals, want to share it with you.

Secret Ireland Tours LLC have affordable vacations that are full of knowledge, great locations, the best accommodation, traditional music, song and dance, living culture. You will experience Irish culture seeping through the landscape as you travel through the countryside. You will meet our musicians as the play in their local sessions, and you will be welcomed into the session if you feel you can contribute. You will have the chance to sing a song or dance with the locals during our many nights out in the local pubs.

If you want to take quiet relaxing walks in the countryside, or along a beautiful golden beach, then it is there waiting for you.

Ireland is extraordinary and it is someplace that once you go there, you will always want to return.

So Check out and come to Ireland with me in 2016. We have a variety of great tours, from The North West (Home )tour to 3 City singles, to Luxury South East tour, all different lengths, dates and prices.

If you would rather a customize tour with your own group and want to suggest an area or a theme, and don't want the hastle of organizing it, contact us here at Secret Ireland Tours LLC and we will work with you to make it happen.

Contact us on for any information you need or questions you might want to ask.

Picture of Achill Island by Liam Kelly, Achill.

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