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Sligo, The place where Princes want to visit.

On May the 19th 2015, The Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla flew into Shannon. While they made their way through the Irish countryside, on their way to the North West, they stopped to view the beautiful Burren, then on to Galway city, before arriving in Sligo.

Mullaghmore is a small village north of Sligo town. It is an area of stunning beauty, but it is also where The Prince of Wales's granduncle, Lord Mountbatten was killed 36 years ago.

It was always something that the Prince wanted to do. He wanted to see where his granduncle died. But I'm sure he also wanted to see why his uncle always came over to this part of the world.

As he stood, gazing out across the Atlantic from the small Sligo village on Ireland's west coast, I'm sure he must have been thinking of the beauty of the place and he would now understand why.

Like the Queen before him, visiting Ireland in May of 2011, Ireland was shown to the world, for it's beauty, it's strong culture, it's respect for it's history, and it's modern day to day life.

Prince Charles coming to Sligo and the west of Ireland attracts the media from all over the world, and in doing so, exposes the beauty of the place.

Whatever one feels about the visit of a Royal to our glorious country, the media visiting with him, or because he is here, can only be good for the country.

He was entertained by young traditional musicians in Sligo. Michael Rooney composed a piece to celebrate the visit, and Prince Charles seemed to be delighted with music and the talent. Once again, the world media captured this part of our talent and culture to show the world.

I am always happy to see our part of the country shown on the world media, and if Charles and Camilla's visit did succeed in this doing this, then it is a good thing that they



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