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What makes Secret Ireland Tours LLC different.


I have heard so many people say, "All tour groups are the same except for the price, right?", Wrong.

Maybe most of them are the same, but S.I.T. is a tour company that is run and operated by somebody from the heart of the countryside she is bringing people to. She knows the area like the back of her hand, she knows the people, she knows the roads, the musicians, the B$B owners, she knows them all. She can tell you stories of things that happened to her, or the area, while she was growing up. She can introduce you to the local characters, who will tell you all sorts of stories, some sad, some funny, because she knows them.

She can share ghost stories about places you will see, these being passed down to her by her mother and grandmother.

She will be bringing you to places that only the locals know, places that have not been touched or modernised for commercial reasons. Places that other tour companies do not know...why...because they are not locals. She can share the history of the place and bring these old ruins to life with the stories that are attached to such places.

She can share the traditions and superstitions that are part and parcle of who she is.

You will not just see the "real Ireland" but you will feel it. You will be brought back in time and you will experience what your ancestor's felt, how they lived, how they worked, how the entertained each other.

Growing up in the North West of Ireland, Mai did not see that many tourists, because most people would visit Galway, Clare, or the south of the country, but in the last 20 years there has been more of an interest in the West and North West. She would see big tour coaches come through. It always amazed her when she would see them stop at some Abbey or Castle, how the coach would pull up, let the visitors out, get five to ten minutes to take pictures, then get back in the bus again, and move on to the next place of interest. There was that sadness in her mind, watching this, because she felt that those people were not getting to really see this old site, not being told about it from a local perspective. Not given the time to explore the old ruins that have been there since 11th 12th century. Places that are full of history and have so many local stories attached to them.

The culture in Ireland, and more so in this area of the country is so rich. But again, growing up there, she felt that this was another part of this beautiful Island that is packaged. Thus not showing the real local talent. She has spent her whole life listening, learning and playing with some of the best musicians in the country. She knows all the local talent in all area's of Irish culture. Dancing, Singing, Storytelling, Writing, and Music. She will you bring up close and personnal with these people. Some of these artists come over to America where they perform with their various bands, and audiences flock to see them, and they pay a lot of money for privilage. She will bring you to where these musicians get together and play just for fun.

You will get to see the Lakes, the beaches, the parks, Islands and mountains. Her idea is to give you an experience where you will have time to soak it all up, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Mai has an unquestionable, deep, heartfelt love for her country, and she wants to show you the real thing.

She also realises that, some people want to have a full, exciting, fast pace holiday. This is something that can happen just as quickly as the relaxed one. S.I.T. also organizes custom made tours, like for instance, we have a Senior tour, where the pace is very relaxed, and we have also put together a tour for a Rugby team. We have Surfing, mountaineering, Kayaking, Ziplines, and all sorts of outdoor activities for younger people. We can work up a trip for a Bachelor or Bachelorette week long party. Fishing or Knitting tours, Castle tours, Golf tours, Festival tours. You come up with an idea and let her know, and she will go to work on it.

So if you want to take a trip and you want to see the real Ireland, meet the real people, contact us at or check out our website:

Please join our mailing list on the site and spread the word. And remember:

"You will never plough a field by turning it over in your head", so don't ponder, just do it. We will have fun together.

Oh! one more thing, we only take 12 people on each tour, unless it is a customized tour. The idea being, with a small group, it is easier to get to know each other, it is more relaxed and friendships will be made that we hope will last a lifetime.

So check us out on our website/Facebook/Linkedin/twitter/pinterest/

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