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Wow! the people I meet.


I don't know if you know this, but I am also a recording artist, and I tour America with either one of two bands I have. One being "Celtic Font", which is a two piece, Irish/American folk songs, and it is my husband, Mick McEvilley and myself. Mick is a lovely guitar player and he is a great singer too. The other band is an All Female Irish traditional band called, "Beeswing". We play lively Irish tunes and we sing in harmony. I even do a little old style dancing on stage called, "Sean-nós".

Well, during my musical tours around the country, I meet so many great people, and as you can imagine, once they realise that I am "actually Irish" they want to connect and talk to me about their Irish Heritage.

It is amazing to me how strongly people hold on to their Irish heritage in the States. I really admire them, and it is the very reason that I set up my tour business. So many people would ask me if I ever brought visitors back with me to Ireland, and I should consider doing so.

I, of course, would suggest another tour company, who I had been promoting, but people would say, we would like to go with you. Needless to say, having heard this over and over again, I had to address it. So Secret Ireland Tours is now a reality.

But some of the people I meet on my journeys throughout the country is just beyond anything I could even imagine.

I had the pleasure of meeting The Olate family who won America's got Talent, with their dogs in 2012, and I even had a little thing in a 6 minute movie, where Nick, (the son) and the dogs were the stars. It is called Le Sauvage. We were filmed on a set in Hollywood, and I can tell you that it was a unreal experience. Did I ever think I would be on a set in Hollywood, involved in a movie that would end up on the big screen at the Cannes Film Festival.

There are so many other great people I have met while going around America.

But I am looking forward to meeting my travellers, who take that bucket full of their wishes and to do lists, and give themselves the gift of a lifetime, but coming over to Ireland with me.

Secret Ireland Tours will bring you to some stunning sites, you will experience great music, singing, dancing and storytelling. You will be able to come back to America or wherever you live saying, "Wow, I can't believe the people I met and the places I got to see"

SecretIrelandToursLLC is a great gift to give a member of your family, or yourself. It will give you memories of a lifetime.

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