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One happy customer

I received an e-mail the other day from a man in Chicago. He started by saying, "Dear Mai, I have a story to tell you that you might find hard to believe." He goes on to tell me how it had always been his dream to go to Ireland, because he always heard his grandparents talk about it. They had spoke so lovingly about their homeland. They would tell him stories about the people in the small villages that they came from. He went into detail about the stories that he heard as a child, and of course, these stories built up this wonderful image of Ireland for him. So he goes on to tell me how he had been telling a friend of his about his dream to travel to Ireland, and he told this friend some of the stories that he had been told as a child. His friend had never heard of Ireland, and he seemed bored by the conversation, and the stories, but he did say to John, (the storyteller) that he should go. But at that time John did not have a lot saved, so he did not think he could ever afford to go. Anyway, one day, as he was sitting in a little cafe, reading a magazine, his friend walked in. Having not seen him for 5 months, they greeted each other and had coffee and a chat. John's friend was so excited and could not wait to tell John about his holiday to.....Guess Where.......yes you got it, Ireland. He went on and on and on about it and said that it was the best holiday and how he had fallen in love with Ireland and wanted to go back. John in the meantime was just so upset and annoyed, that this guy and his girlfriend, who did not even know that Ireland existed, until John had told him, had actually seen and experienced it before him. He was so upset, and was so relieved when his friend left. He could not believe it. So he ordered another coffee and picked up his magazine again. He turned the page and then another, but something caught his eye, and when he went back one page, he saw an article about Secret Ireland Tours. He saw that if he booked before April the 10th he would get $200 off his trip. His trip would be August the 17th to 25th. So he thought that maybe his Grandparents might be sending him a sign. He is now booked to go to Ireland, he got $200 off and he will be going when the weather is really good too. So, he has done better than his friend after all. He told me that he is so excited to be coming over to Ireland, and having found out where his grandparents are from, it just happens that I can take him to the farm and house where his grandmother came from. It is so good to be part of this story. Thank you John for sharing your story. You will dance and sing with me in Ireland.

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