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Secret Ireland Tours Deposit day 20th April


I am looking forward to bringing you on tour to Ireland. I am bringing you to the heart of the countryside.

When I lived at home in Sligo, I remember now and again, I would see the big tour bus, driving through my little village of Gurteen, it would never stop, but just drive right on through. Then if I was in the town of Boyle, where there is the ruins of a 12th Centuary Abbey, I would see the big bus stop, many people would jump out, get their camera's and take pictures, then jump back into the bus, and away we go again. I used to think that is was such a waste of time and money, for these people.

I wondered why they did not get a chance to walk around the Abbey, and why the did not have information about the place they were looking at.

A place so rich in history and culture, should be explained to people. They should have a local historian there to tell the people of the importance of such a place.

But no, They would jump in and out of this bus all day long, take photos, and not know what they were looking at, not alone get the chance to learn about it.

I'm sure, most of these people would have stayed in big hotels too. Another wonder to me. You don't get to see and experience the real thing, staying in a hotel. It might be modern but it is impersonal and no real feeling to it. The staff might be very nice, but you don't see the real Irish family life.

I decided to do it totally differently. I am bringing small groups of 10 to 12 people per trip. I am placing them in B&B's run by families. We are going to visit sites, where you will have time to get to feel and experience the place. I will have people there that will share with your their knowledge of the history of the place.

The culture will be at your fingertips. You will be up close and personal to musicians, dancers, singers, storytellers and writers. You will be part of the entertainment.

You will have time to make friends and get to know the people of the area, and your fellow traveller.

It is a different type of tour. It is the real thing, given to you, by a real Irish person. Secret Ireland Tours LLC

You won't regret it. Book it now

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