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The list below are tours that we have already created for your enjoyment, you can see the itinerary on each page by clicking the name of the trip you wish to take. But if you have a group of friends or family who would wish to do or go to other parts of the country, and you would like us to put together something fun and interesting for you, then we would be delighted to work with you on it. You just give us your idea and we will put it together for you. We can look at different area's of the country, activities, length, accommodation and price. Just let us know and we will be on it A.S.A.P. We also have packages available for the single traveler or the small group (1-4) who do not want to be part of a group. Go to our Non Group Packages page. Click here for info.

We can organize trips for different interests such as:  Outdoor activities....mountaineering, kayaking, hiking. Surfing, Golfing, Horse races, Knitting, Haunted buildings, Actors interests, Festivals, and so much more. 

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Island Hopping Adventure

June 1st to 9th 2021

Island Hopping Adventure Ireland. Come with us to explore some amazing Islands off the West and North West Coast. 




Magical tour for Seniors

May 21st to 29th 2021/22

This tour of the North West of Ireland is designed with seniors in mind. Easier pace with no climbing or long walks. Relax and enjoy!




Cork/Kerry Experience

Sept 8th to 16th 2021/22

The South of Ireland (Cork and Kerry) are visited by people from all over the world for it sheer beauty. We will bring you to some stunning places.




Quaint Towns and Villages.

Nov 7th to 15th 2021

There are beautiful quaint towns and villages all over Ireland. We pick some for your to ramble through and we also include some stunning scenery!




Castles Of Ireland Extravaganza

Sept 17th to 25th Every Year

This is a luxury tour. You get to live like Royalty for 9 Days as you stay in 4 amazing Castles in Ireland. All are 4/5 star hotels and we will also take in some beautiful places too!




Christmas in an Irish Castle.

Dec 23rd to 31st Every Year

The Romance of staying in an Irish Castle for Christmas. Well we are going to bring you to 2 Castles. We will also bring you to Christmas markets in Galway, enjoy breath-taking scenery and of course the local people too!




Writing Retreat with Christina Dreve 

Sept 12th to 20th 2021

If you are a writer or want to be, this is the tour for you. You will enjoy workshops and full days writing along with some day trips to places that will inspire you. There is an early bird discount on this tour of $100 if booked before Jan 31st 2021.

Cancelled Tour.




Game of Thrones with Patti Negri (full)

May 13th to 21st 2021

Patti Negri is Hollywoods own renowned psychic medium. She is our ambassador for this tour. Some of many fans are joining her as we explore Game of Thrones locations and many other places too. We explore ancient sites and old castles, coastal drives, local pubs and meet the locals.




The Dilley Show Ireland (4 places available)

May 23rd to 31st 2021

Brenden Dilley is a very well known and respected personality. He hosts The Dilley Show every day at noon Eastern Time. He has a large following and 24 of his fans are joining himself and his wife in Ireland. It is going to be a fun trip with himself and his wife ReAnna who is an amazing artist. Brenden is very knowledgable about political and current affairs and I am sure he will be busy answering many questions.




May 17th to 25th 2022

Spring time in Ireland is a special time of the year, with its amazing smells and sounds throughout the countryside. This tour is for the person who wants a relaxed easygoing trip where you can see all the great sites of the North West and West of Ireland. You can soak up the Irish culture and traditions and make friends with the locals too!




Oct 26th to Nov 3rd 2022

Did you know that Halloween is an old Irish tradition. It was the ending of the Celtic old year and the beginning of the new year. There are so many traditions and cultural festival,  and local events that take place around the country. So we thought we would bring you to some very haunted Castles, houses, ruins, and a ghost walk. It is going to be a fun time.




June 10st to 18th 2022

The Shamrocker's are a troupe of Irish Dancers who work very hard to prefect their craft. They and their family decided to come to Ireland to learn from the best and also experience the true culture and traditions of Ireland with the best musicians, singers, dancers and storytellers. We put together a tour steeped in culture with fun places to visit and amazing sites to see. 



Springtime in Ireland May 2022
A few places left.
Secret Halloween Journey to Ireland 
With Vanessa Hogle
The Shamorckers Dance Troupe
Private tour. (Private)

The Lemmons Tour to Ireland (Private)

July 17th to 26th 2021

This is a private tour for a group of family and friends who want to have a great time in Ireland without having to do any work into organizing the trip. We did that from them. We can do this for you too!


Adventures of Ireland with Jerry Marks and friends (Open to public)

Sept 11th to 19th 2022

This is a semi-private tour for a group of friends but they would love to increase their numbers on the tour. So if you would like to get a very affordable tour for only $1450 per person sharing, contact us at and we can add you to this tour.


The Hoffman Irish Experience.(Private)
Cancelled tour

Aug 23rd to Sept 1st 2021

This is a private tour for a group who want to go golfing and chillin in Ireland . 

They are also attending an American football game while in Dublin. If you would like us to create a tour for you taking in Golf or any other interest you and a group might have please contact


 Irish Distillery Tour!

1Oct 13th -21st 2022

There are many great and famous distilleries in Ireland known all over the world such as Jameson, Bushmills, and Tullamore Dew to name but a few. 

Did you ever hear of Gunpowder Gin? Well, we are going to bring you to "The Shed" where it is made. But this tour will also bring you to some amazing places...Castles, Cliffs, Waterfalls and so much more. But the best of all is being introduced to the locals in the pubs at night, they will explain what "the Craic" really is!




Celtic Lands of Ireland/Scotland.

1st -11th July 2022

Ireland is a Celtic land and has so much to offer the traveler but we thought we would offer a tour that takes in two Celtic lands, so we added 5 days in Scotland too!

We will visit many places in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edenburgh and places in-between! This will be a trip of a lifetime seeing the best of both magical Celtic places! You will experience some cities and glorious countryside in both countries, historic, cultural, scenic, unique places and some of them are famous for being movie locations. 



Cincinnati Irish Heritage Center Cultural Adventure to Ireland

9th-17th May 2022

Come with us on a Cultural Adventure of Ireland with the Cincinnati Irish Heritage Center. We visit cultural centers, historic venue's, ancient sites, take scenic drives, listen to great Traditional music, get to stay in 4 star hotels and also 1 night in a Castle. We visit heritage centers too. You can enjoy a 4 star hotel right beside the beach in Sligo with a golf course right outside the front door. So if you decide not to go on one of our daily excursions there is lots to do, the beach is only a 5 min walk away. There is a heated swimming pool in the hotel too!